The Spirit of Blockchain


  Good morning, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TokenSky Blockchain Conference Seoul Session. I am Phoebe Wang, the CEO of Shangfang Media and the founder of WAVES (Book Coin) and TokenSky. On behalf of the TokenSky Organizing Committee, I sincerely welcome each of you and express our deepest gratitude to your participation. Also, I thank all global nodes, partners, sponsors and media partners for our conference. Thank you!


  In the spring of Seoul, and the spring of blockchain, first I want to ask all participants to allow me share a song with you. This song was composed for TokenSky conference, and also probably the very first theme song just for blockchain. Please join me in listening to the song titled, ‘Blockchain Heroes’, which is dedicated to the heroes who are striving for the blockchain industry.

  In the video, you have watched the scene about us, which is our past story. I have started my first company back in 2002, called SP forum, which has become Shangfang Wang and Shangfang Media. This year remarks the 16th anniversary of the company. During the past 16 years, we have adopted the internet and distribution, integration and win-win and opening and sharing. Zero resources and free ideas had us go on and make successful turns in the journey. Half of our colleagues are working across the country, and work everywhere. I have published a book in 2017, titled ‘Cloud Management 2.0’, which has described the ideas and mechanisms behind our cloud management. Many people who have read the book said, Shangfang has the spirit of blockchain.

  The token community and the consistently changing working style which brought by blockchain technology, is a new form of cloud management. By building Token incentives and community ecosystem, it could create a new way of cooperation and competition for the mankind. Today I am going to start ‘the cloud management 3.0’, and for this, we have made ‘Book Coin’, also known as ‘Bo’ coin. Book Coin is not for ICO, but it will be given and encourage the original creators, communicators and distributors of the blockchain industry. Everyone will share the burden of promotion and education, making more people to witness the value of blockchain and token, while changing our society and organizations eventually. I hope ‘Cloud Management 3.0’ would not be written just solely by me. This time, I want it to be completed by numerous people who share the same ideas about the blockchain and token economy with me, through decentralized, distributed and self-organized way.

  This is how I understand the blockchain and token economy: through asymmetric encryption, distributed ledgers, P2P network protocol and a series of technological combination, blockchain has constructed a decentralized, self-organized management system and tools, which have solved issues regarding mutual trust among the people when they cooperate across the globe. Also, Token functions as a valuable medium for the system, providing a solution to activate the ecosystem, and a guarantee to stability within the ecosystem. This has enabled the large-scaled, high-efficient and low-cost social cooperation, and made the token economy and blockchain technology appeared in the history of mankind, and swept across and permeated into the corner of the traditional economy from finance to game industry.

  The theme of TokenSky is ‘Token, change the world’. We have invited the world’s most distinguished economists, scholars and legal experts, financiers, investors, developers, business leaders, minors, exchanges, media and Token amateurs, to discuss the challenges, opportunities and adventures of blockchain together. I am very much looking forward to learning from the deep insight and knowledge being presented by the guest speakers on different topics from regulations to development.

  In order to advance the integration and win-win cooperation within the blockchain industry, together with all participants, we initiate and advocate ‘Seoul Consensus’

  1. Actively embrace laws and regulations of different countries around the world in the digital currency field

  2. Work together to strengthen self-discipline in the industry, and pursue project compliance

  3. Protect the rights and interests of investors from all countries

  Each partner companies and distinguished guests of this TokenSky conference are our host. In a short period of three months, we have connected our nodes around the world through the cloud management and its communication method, and this has enabled the TokenSky conference to successfully begin, thanks to your cooperation. And I think this is the evidence of the blockchain spirit. In the future, we welcome more heroes and heroines to join our global nodes, and host TokenSky conference every city.

  Besides TokenSky Conference, we are going to establish blockchain incubators across the world, building Token economy system in every industry. Also, we will build ‘Blockchain Start-up Schools’ in every corner of the world, and ‘Blockchain Amateurs’ social community online. We are planning to support the traditional internet companies and social media companies, to help them understand the spirit of blockchain and Token economy. Also, we can make Shangfang develop into a ‘Blockchain Game’ alliance, having all blockchain games to gather together, creating a brand-new world for blockchain games.

  In conclusion, this is the era of transformation and transcendence, and the era where there is no established moguls or grassroots. This is the era where everyone can create a new world. In a previous life, we may have hold hands together because we met again in the present. Let us follow this era and our glorious mission, to form the strongest alliance, creating the parallel world of blockchain!